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Yankee Candle Picnic In The Park Concentrated Room Spray

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Picnic In The Park Concentrated Room Spray 
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About This Fragrance ~  Wouldn't it be grand if every day was as sunny and fun as a picnic in the park? Imagine being stretched out on a soft blanket under a shade tree, while hints of your favorite fruits. . . mango, coconut and strawberry. . . float in on the breeze like an afternoon daydream.  A refreshing delight, this fragrance will give any room a sunny outlook.

About Concentrated Room Sprays ~ Freshen any space instantly.  These Concentrated Room Sprays contain odor neutralizing compounds that will fill a room with your favorite scent for up to 4 hours with just 2 sprays.  Press down on the top to deliver a metered, consistent amount of concentrated fragrance every time.  Provides instant fragrance whenever you need it.  Leave one handy in the bathroom, near the garbage can, pet area, the laundry room, in the foyer, the places to use this is endless...